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Explode Your Profits - Stock Trading

Achieve the Results Brokers Don't Want You to Know are Possible!

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Would You Like To Transform Your Future And Open The Door To Wealth?

Expert Investor Finally Reveals His Top Strategy For Profit In The Stock Market.

Wouldn’t You Love To Build Your Own Empire You Can Really Be Proud Of?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you ready to learn how to supplement your income and work your way to not having to work anymore?

Do you feel confused or lost, hoping there was a clear way that shows you how to consistently make money in the arket?

Yes, The Odds Are Completely Stacked Against You!

So let’s be Honest – It’s difficult to earn money in stock market.

Each and every year thousands of new traders jump into the stock, bonds or commodities markets.

37-checkSome of these people want to make extra money to balance their monthly budget.

37-checkSome people dream of drastically improving their lifestyle.

37-checkSome people want to create a nest egg for their retirement.

What Do You Want?

Many people aspire to make a fortune in the stock market and fire their boss… to have lots of money to buy what they wish… and to take the rest of their life off

But the stats are against us – 70% of investors lose money over time… 20% break even or barely keep up with inflation and only 5% make money over time…

So more than 95% of people lose overall and most new traders quit in their 1st year!

We mostly think “it won’t happen to us,” particularly if we are very successful in some other business.

There are thousands of ways to trade. So, how do we know where to start?

Or, if you are experienced, how do you get a profitable and reliable system to follow – to offer you that traction you want?

How do you know which stock investing or trading system fits your lifestyle, circumstances or personality… i.e. the great way that suits you?

One thing is very clear – if you follow them all, you’ll probably end up more confused than ever!

The fact is that many participants end up investing or trading completely inside out.

Most people buy high & sell low – or simply cut their profits & let their losses run, rather than the other way around…

Most invest or trade with no rules or without a proven, documented and tested plan.

So how do you SHORTCUT the learning curve – so you can get what you want – WITHOUT repeating the mistakes that 90% of traders make?

You Need A Mentor…

Experts say if you want to go to cross a minefield, it’s always great to follow an expert who has already crossed it safely!

Take a few seconds now and think what it would be like if you could tap into the minds of successful stock experts who’ve worked hard to ACHIEVE similar aspirations and dreams to what you need from the stock market and are willing to teach you how.

Now just think if you could simply sit down with these experts for some time and ask questions – so you can ultimately stop taking the wrong turns in the stock market road…

Imagine getting some great directions that can help solve your issues – and put you on the best track towards success.

Questions which could make the real difference in your trading today, such as:

25-arrow How to make money in the stock market regardless of the economy?

25-arrow What are the mistakes that amateur investors make?

25-arrow What to look for when picking the perfect stock?

25-arrow How to know when to get the stock in and when to get it out?

25-arrow How to make monthly income using stock options?

25-arrow And much more…

So are you ready to make a KILLER presence in the Stock Market?


My name is David Hall and I am an avid investor. I set out on a journey many years ago to learn how to make money in the market. Statistics tell us that 75% of people end up losing money in the market over time, 20% end up breaking even or just keeping up with inflation and only 5% end up making money over time. This is ridiculous!

As a child, I grew up in poverty. We had nothing but a dream of better days and a better life. As I began to get older, I remember thinking to myself that I don't want to live that way the rest of my life. I wanted better things. I wanted for my family to not have to worry about money. When I was in junior high school we played the stock market game. I LOVED IT! I was hooked.

As I grew older, I started learning about the market and how it works. I bought books, I watched tv shows, I even got my securities licenses to sell stocks to learn as much as I could. I even went back and got my Master's in stock analysis.

What did I learn through all of that? 99.9% of all information and resources you can get access to has absolutely NOTHING to do with making money! CNN, MSNBC, the talking heads on tv, all of it was truly useless for making better than average profits. I tried everything.

I decided to start developing a system of my own. I really had no money to start with, but had time. I only had $2,500 to invest. I opened a brokerage account and made a trade. I made money! And on the next trade I made a mistake and lost money. For the next several years, I went back and forth like this while I was trying to develop and hone my system.

Over the years, I've made tons of mistakes, but I've also had lots of successes. I have honed my system down to a science and kept it easy to use.

"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple." - C W Ceram

The best part of what I've learned is it doesn't have to be complicated. The more complicated things I tried to do, the more mistakes I made. The simpler I kept it, the more profit I made.

Today, I own 6 companies, a real estate investment portfolio and a stock portfolio. I pay my household bills with my stock portfolio and am able to give to charities regularly. I have built wealth and continue to build it. I believe that significance is the ability to live a life for others, but you can only do that after you are taken care of.

For the very first time ever… you’ll have immediate access to David's system on exactly how he makes massive money in Stock Market.

I know! You might be thinking… “I’ve tried and seen it all before. How can this class be better than all of the other info out there that promises me the universe?”

This class delivers what other courses only promise… Why?

We’ll cut out all the B.S… and go right to the main points that make this class one of the most effective, to help you:

  • Know the way to start wisely or, if you’re experienced, to…
  • Strip back all your losses, and to…
  • Increase the amount of your profits.

You’ll discover how you can:

Transform your financial future… so you can have time and money to spend your days doing what you want – whether it’s your favorite pastime, at the pool, at the beach, in a dream destination, on the golf course, wherever…

Just imagine how amazing it’s going to feel when you to know how to invest or trade for a living and can eventually phone to your boss… “I’m not coming back!”

How Much Will It Cost?

No doubt you know you can pay literally thousands of dollars per week for personal stock trading classes and online coaching go for as much as $6,000 per month or more, so you’ll be excited to hear this class is only only $1,997. That's not per month or per year. It's a one-time fee. You can build your financial future today and start replacing your income now!

What Do I Get?

You can preview the curriculum below. You will see that you get tons of videos I have recorded and left out all the fluff. 26 videos to be exact with step-by-step instructions.

You get lifetime access to this initial program. Any updates I make or additions in the future belong to you at no extra charge!

For the Initial Launch, I'm Giving the Following Bonuses:

Bonus 1 - Risk Tolerance Questionnaire ($100 Value)

You'll get a risk tolerance questionnaire to help you determine how risky you can be and how much of your money you should consider investing.

Bonus 2 - Stock Search Tracker ($150 Value)

The stock search tracker is a downloadable form that I use to keep track of my watch list and why the stocks are on my list, This makes it significantly easier to track your buy and sell signals and ensure that you have the right stocks in your list.

Bonus 3 - Investment Tracking Record ($150 Value)

The investment tracking record is the very best way to keep track of what you buy, why you buy it and what happens. It is also the best way to keep track of all your signals and keep from making amateur mistakes.

Bonus 4 - Intro to Options ($250 Value)

One word: Leverage. That's why you want to learn to use stock options. Stock options give you the ability to make more money using less of your own money that purchasing just stocks. This intro will give you the basics of how options work to help you along the path to leverage.

Bonus 5 - Making Monthly Income With Options ($450 Value)

Do you want to learn how to not only make money on your stocks, but significantly increase your profits with options while also creating a monthly income to pay your bills with? This will help you learn the process that professional investors and institutions use to make income safely and consistently.

Bonus 6 - 5 Valuation Analysis Reports ($250 Value)

Have you ever wondered whether you’re making the right decision or not? What are the insiders doing? What is the big money doing? What is the stock REALLY worth? Is it time to buy or sell? The Valuation Analysis Report gives you all of that information. No more guessing whether you're right or wrong. No more guessing whether a stock is on sale or not. Use these reports to help you make a decision of whether you're looking at the right investment or not.

As I mentioned before, this course is only available for a limited time at this price. The cost WILL go up. Don't wait. Get it now!

Your Instructor

P. David Hall, RMC, JMT, CLTC
P. David Hall, RMC, JMT, CLTC

David Hall is President and Founder of international leadership and business development coaching company, Trustway Leadership Development Academy. David is also founder and President of DSH Investments LLC, Prosperity University, Trustway Tax and Accounting Service, Trustway Insurance and Trustway Money Coaching. David is host of The Divine Prosperity Show and an avid investor.

With over 23 years experience as a business owner, business consultant as well as business leadership and development expert, David has over 29,000 hours of coaching and development experience. David is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Mentor and JMT Founding Partner. As well he has worked with some of the top leaders in the world from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar.

Having come from extreme poverty, surviving death twice and fought against all odds, David has learned that success in life is about persistence, growth and serving others. David’s core philosophy is “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

David’s fierce determination and no sugar-coating attitude has led his clients to break through barriers and achieve new levels of success. He has worked with over 400 start-ups and small businesses at the ground level as well as large corporations and Fortune 100 companies. His client list spans companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, United States Marine Corps, New York Life, Southwest Airlines and more. In 2007, David won the Golden Eagle Leadership Award.

David has created over 40 coaching and development programs, books and systems and is continually learning, creating and growing to provide his clients the best possible methods of personal and professional growth.

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a good understanding of stocks or the market before getting started?
No. You don't need to have any knowledge of stocks or the market before getting started. The course will teach you everything you need to know!
What does David know about investing?
Your instructor, David Hall, currently owns 6 companies and multiple other types of investments as well as a stock portfolio. Everything David has today started with investment in the stock market of $2,500 and years of development and perfecting his trading system. All of his companies were initially funded with profits he made from his stock investments. Unlike many gurus who teach programs based on theory, David has spent years in the trenches making money with the system.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
But what about updates to the program?
Once you purchase, you're in. You will have access to any and all updates to the course in the future as well as any additional downloads or changes to the system. As David continues to invest and grow, you will too.

Get started now!